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About Us

The For A Dad Foundation is a nonprofit organization that offers professional support to single Dads dealing with a major life event.

Our programs are dedicated specifically to help single Dads who have experienced major life events such as;

  • Terminal Diagnosis of Spouse or Life Partner
  • Loss of Spouse or Life Partner
  • Separation/Divorce
  • Alcoholism/Addiction

We have experienced the difficulties that are borne from these life-altering events. We have first-hand knowledge with how to navigate through difficult, and even tragic, life-altering circumstances. Our primary purpose is to offer hope where there is despair and help when one is helpless.

Our mission is to assist single Dads in their time of need

Our founder is a widower; his first-hand understanding of the trials that come with being there for his children in a one-Dad environment drives the Foundation’s vision to support other Dads and their kids in their time of need. Our people and resources are well-equipped to handle most situations that single Dads deal with before, during, and after these trying times.

Please, if you know of a single Dad that is facing or has faced a major life event and is struggling, please call +1.512.940.7285 or email us at